The Open Source Network Tester (OSNT) is the world's first open-source hardware traffic generator and capture system.

OSNT Specifications

OSNT has 4x10GE interfaces and generates and captures packets of any size at line-rate.

OSNT is low-cost

OSNT is based on the NetFPGA-10G platform and a 4x10Gb/s system can be built for less than $2,000.

OSNT is open-source

all the hardware and software designs are freely available for you to use and extend.

OSNT works out of the box

OSNT comes with some standard libraries for generating and capturing user-selected packet lengths at different rates.

OSNT is extensible

it is easy to add your own packet formats, or extend OSNT to add new protocols.

OSNT is a starting point

we developed OSNT as a community-owned platform to enable low-cost, sophisticated testing.

Multiple OSNT systems can be synchronized

use GPS to synchronize high-precision timestamps across multiple OSNT systems.

Getting started

You can find all the documentation and the code here

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Have fun and let us know about you and your OSNT project